Supporting Williamstown Agriculture -- How You Can Help

Buy Local Farm Products— When you buy locally, you support farm families, help preserve Williamstown's rural character, and give a boost to the local economy.  Produce is fresh and healthy when you purchase near the source.

Communicate — It is in the best interests of both farmers and non--farmers to be good neighbors.  If you are planning a backyard event and live adjacent to a farm, speak to one another about timing.  Work out solutions to other problems; put them in writing.  Contact the Williamstown Agricultural Commission if you cannot resolve a conflict through communication.

Understand that Farming is a Business — Get to know your farming neighbors.  While we are all responsible for being good neighbors, agricultural businesses must be good farmers to succeed.  Noise, dust, and odors are all part of a farming business.

Watch Out for Farm Traffic — Farm vehicles are not built for speed.  If you get behind a tractor, be patient and share the road, realizing that farm machinery is a necessary part of a serious business.  Give the farmer a thumbs up to show your support for Williamstown agriculture.
Know that Farmers Use Best Management Practices — The state requires farmers to be trained, licensed, and current in proper pesticide use and storage.  Farmers are decreasing pesticide use and improving water management when possible to reduce costs and labor and keep their crops and the environment healthy.

Respect Private Property — A farm can look like a nice place to go for a walk or ride, but there can be hazards associated with a farm operation.  Gain permission from the farmer first.  Respect posted signs and gates.

Help Agriculture Benefit Williamstown— Farms provide a stable tax base at low cost.  Support efforts to protect farms through land preservation programs such as the Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR).

Volunteer — The Williamstown Agricultural Commission can always use volunteers to promote agriculture and protect our rural character.  Check our website frequently for updates on Buy Local initiatives and Williamstown agricultural news.
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